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Kane County maintains and plows the streets within the community as quickly as they are able.

Lots can be “joined” through Kane County. It does help eventually on taxes but it does nothing to reduce costs within the HOA. Dues are assessed based on the original plat map filed with the State in the 70’s. The reason for that is so that everyone pays a fair share.  Once joined, the lots are sold as a unit. At the time of sale, the new owner is assessed a processing fee for each lot.

Per the present CC&R’s there are two primary areas where trailers (RV’s, 5th wheels, etc.) can be stored and / or used on a lot. For “no longer than 90 days” during construction (Article 9 section 9.1c and in the same area) “for the purpose of temporary camping by guests of Association homeowners for up to two weeks time.


The dues amount is based on the budget and any projects being done or planned.

Although member input is asked at the annual meeting, ultimately the Board of Directors are the final deciding factor.

Dues are billed once a year on September 1 and due by October 31 of the same year.

Rental Property

Yes, but you must follow Kane County Renter Guidelines. Based on Kane County laws, the Association will be adopting their rules and some of our own.

Two sets of plans must be submitted to the Association Secretary before any construction can begin. You will then be guided through the process with though the Secretary but more likely an assigned ARCOM member.

As long as you display a DCROA parking permit in the window of your vehicle, you can park on lot 113.